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As you grow older, certain  changes begin to take place in your life; one of which is the colour of your teeth. Although old age can alter teeth colour, it is not the only factor. Consumption of certain foods, drinks like tea, coffee, other coloured beverages, and some lifestyle like smoking can cause the colour of your teeth to change. This change is very visible!

Another thing that can trigger teeth discolouration is the formation of calculus or tartar (a hardened dental plaque). Again, some antibiotics can be responsible for teeth stains.

Some people may begin to get concerned when their teeth colour is no longer what it used to be. There’s good news anyway for those who worry about their stained teeth. Teeth whitening can remove every plaque, stain, and make your teeth shine brighter. Yes, with our teeth whitening service in Wolverhampton, your tooth surface will remain intact while the colour is improved upon.

Teeth whitening treatments

There are two ways to shine or bleach your teeth. Any of these techniques may work for you:

  • In-surgery Laser Whitening
  • Personalised Home-whitening Kit

The whitening agent or product used in these teeth bleaching treatments contains an active ingredient known as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. However, before improving your teeth colour, your dentist will have to assess you to know whether teeth whitening is suitable for you. This evaluation will ensure that you get the best choice of treatment.

In-surgery Laser Whitening

At Inspire Dental Centre, we help patients bleach their teeth via this method. The procedure is quite simple. First, a rubber gel or shield is rubbed over your gums to safeguard them from getting stained with the whitening agent. The next thing is to coat the surface of each tooth with the whitening gel. Using a laser, the gel is activated.

In just one treatment session, your teeth colour can change into a lighter colour 5 or 6 times over, thanks to laser whitening. But this colour improvement may not be the same for everybody.

In a case where your teeth changed colour after a root filling, coating your teeth with the whitener from inside can effect a colour change. If your whitener contains hydrogen peroxide, its acceptable highest concentration according to the regulations on teeth whitening is 6%. Should the whitening agent carry carbamide peroxide, its permitted highest concentration should be 16%.

Personalised Home-Whitening Kit

Unlike the laser whitening method, this technique of bleaching the teeth requires special trays. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to make special trays (plates that look like a mouth guard) that will fit your mouth perfectly. When these custom-made trays are produced and available, you will be given whitening syringes by your dentist and taught how to apply the product to the trays before placing them on your teeth. This product is applied in layers, and the number of layers you add to your teeth depends on the extent of discolouration and the expected whiteness you desire. You will have to apply the whitening product for 30 to 60 minutes at a time for a duration of 2 to 4 weeks.

Post whitening treatments

Teeth whitening comes with some form of side effects. However, they are usually temporal and will disappear a few days to treatment completion. One of the popular side effect people go through is tooth sensitivity, where your teeth react to hot or cold substances that you take. For this side effect, we will offer you a special toothpaste that will calm the sensitivity.

Patches on the gum line is another side effect, along with sore throat and discomfort or pain in the gum. Should you experience any side effects, kindly see your dentist at once.

How long can the effect of teeth whitening last?

Post whitening treatments for teeth can stay for up to 3 years; however, it varies from person to person.

Most significantly, your choice of food and drinks can influence the number of years the effect will last. Lifestyle choice also plays a role too. To help sustain this whitening effect, there are so many whitening toothpastes you can get from the market to aid the process.

It is noteworthy to mention that teeth whitening is only applicable to natural teeth; artificial teeth, including dentures, crowns, and veneers cannot be whitened by this treatment.

Need teeth whitening?

If you are considering teeth whitening, you can visit the Inspire Dental Centre as we have the best hands that can give your teeth a professional touch to make it sparkle.

For any questions on how to get the best out of teeth whitening, you can schedule an appointment with any of our professional dentists. If you need advise on which whitening toothpaste is to be used for post-treatment, we will gladly help you out. Just contact us on 01543 671877for teeth whitening in Wolverhampton.

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