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A root canal treatment is also known as endodontic therapy. It is a procedure used to treat infection inside the tooth. The infection could have been caused by the bacteria residing naturally in the mouth. These bacteria are also responsible for causing cavities.

Root canal therapy is commonly used in the treatment of tooth decay, but it can also be used when the teeth are damaged due to trauma.

When the root canal is infected, it results in severe pain and sensitivity, which can be experienced even when you are neither eating nor drinking anything. This infection can often result in abscess and a swollen face. All these issues make the treatment of a root canal infection necessary.

It is not enough to treat a root canal infection, but you also need a qualified dentist in Burntwood who would offer you immediate and advanced root canal treatment. At Inspire Dental Centre, you will get an experienced dentist who will handle your root canal treatment professionally.

Advantages of root canal treatment

  • Root canal treatment can relieve immense pain caused by the most complicated dental issues.
  • Immediate treatment with root canal treatment can prevent the infection from spreading
  • This treatment does not affect the ability to bite. The affected teeth would only take a couple of days to function properly after treatment
  • Treatment prevents the formation of a dental abscess around the tip of the affected tooth
  • Treatment will help protect the teeth surrounding the affected tooth
  • It will help your teeth continue to function normally
  • Immediate treatment with root canal treatment will help you prevent spending so much on further dental treatments such as implants and crowns.

Cost of root canal treatment

The cost of a root canal treatment at our Cannock dental practice varies, but on the average, you can get a root canal treatment for an incisor at £145, £200 for a premolar, and £450for a molar. Please also enquire about this availability on the NHS

Procedure for a root canal treatment

For your treatment to be completed, you may need 1-3 dental visits. During the treatment, your dentist will

  • Administer a local anaesthetic to numb the area around the infected teeth
  • Remove the unhealthy part of the tooth with a dental drill and clearing out the bone, enamel, pulp, and root canal section to create a hole.
  • Fill the hole with a special substance
  • Reconstruct the chewing surface of the tooth using either a temporary onlay or a crown.
  • Remove the temporary onlay or crown and place a permanent piece.


Am I the right candidate for a root canal treatment?

You are the right candidate for a root canal treatment if you have a bacterial infection in the pulp of your tooth, which causes severe tooth pain.

How painful is a root canal treatment?

Before your dentist begins your treatment, you will be given an anaesthetic to numb the area around the affected tooth, so the procedure is usually as painless as having a filling.

How successful will my treatment be?

After the treatment, the affected tooth will be able to function properly for a long time, especially when you take care of your teeth and gum properly. However, you would need to visit a dentist for routine check-ups to check your teeth thoroughly.

Would I be able to brush my teeth and eat normally after my root canal treatment?

You will be able to brush your teeth and eat after your treatment but try to brush gently and eat soft types of food until the affected area has healed properly.

You can get a root canal treatment at Inspire Dental Centre if you are in Cannock. Call us today or 01543 274039, and we will be glad to provide professional dental treatment to you.

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