Teeth Bonding Dentist in Cannock

This describes the procedure of applying and moulding dental resin to cover up damaged teeth.

What’s Composite Bonding?

This is a dental procedure ideal for treating cracked, discoloured, or chipped teeth. It’s also called cosmetic bonding or dental bonding.

At Inspire Dental Centre based in Burntwood and Cannock, we can fix your chipped tooth or close your gap very quickly. Our treatment is affordable and efficient. For treatment, we utilise quality materials marked for ultramodern cosmetic dentistry. We have simple treatment plans; no multiple appointments and zero waiting times.

Ideal applications of composite bonding

Get composite bonding in Burntwood for:

  • Tooth colour upgrade
  • Restoration of decaying or worn-down teeth
  • Tooth size and shape corrections
  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Correction of cracked, broken, or chipped teeth
  • Full smile recovery
  • Protection of tooth roots

Is composite bonding right for me?

Cosmetic teeth bonding is a yes if:

  • You have chipped tooth
  • You need to close a tiny gap
  • You need to grow a tooth
  • You need to smooth out teeth edges

But it all depends on your dental problem. This implies that cosmetic bonding may not be best for all cases. So, to be sure which treatment is right for you, see our dentist.


Does composite bonding fix gapped teeth?

Sometimes, dental bonding may work if you need to close a small gap between your teeth. But there are few things to consider before choosing this option:

  • Should the gap exceed 1mm in width, your bonding will loosen up because of lack of continuous support; treatment will not go as planned
  • Should you be considering closing a gap between the two front teeth, which is larger than 1 or 2mm, dental bonding will cause a visibly unequal teeth enlargement. Go for brace treatment; it will bridge the gap naturally if it's very visible.

How Much Is Cosmetic Bonding?

The cost depends on the work and material needed. We will give you a quote when you come for a free cosmetic consultation. Finance options will be rolled out if you wish to spread the payment for your treatment.

Is there any prerequisite to getting cosmetic bonding?

Well, a hygiene session may be needed before your treatment. But it depends on the type of cosmetic bonding you’re receiving. For optimum results, do well to keep your teeth very clean and free from tartar or calculus.

Are there risks of cosmetic bonding?

Unlike metal amalgam fillings which are very strong, cosmetic bonding is not so strong. But the risk of mercury-toxicity is avoided since composite materials have no mercury. Teeth stain or discolouration may occur with the use of composite should you continue with habits like smoking and drinking coffee which have a tendency to stain teeth.

To find out more about composite bonding in relation to teeth whitening, and what is involved during composite bonding treatment, book an appointment with us at Inspire Dental Centre. Any of our expert dentists will be available to answer all your questions. We will gladly advise you on whether composite bonding is suitable for you.

Do well to reach out to us today on 01543 274039 for more information.

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