Short Term Orthodontics

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The thought of using traditional orthodontic treatment to correct teeth misalignment does not go down well with a lot of persons, and this can prevent them from getting the necessary treatment. Wearing traditional metal braces can be uncomfortable, and it also makes people feel conscious about their appearance.

Presently, a technique known as short term orthodontics has been developed to help people who do not wish to wear metal braces correct their misalignment. This perfect solution is suitable for those who have minor misalignments and want to correct them in a short while.

What Is Short Term Orthodontics?

Short term orthodontics is an advanced dental technique which makes use of clear brackets and inconspicuous wires or clear plastic retainers to gently move misaligned teeth into their correct position within a short time.

The device used to straighten the teeth depends on the severity of the misalignment, and these devices are virtually invisible. Short term orthodontics is a perfect option to correct slight overcrowding and cases of misalignment in people who have previously had orthodontic treatment but notice that the teeth are gradually shifting again.

The procedure is usually completed within 6 months, but this will depend on how severe the misalignment is. This is a third of the time it takes for a traditional orthodontic treatment to correct a misalignment.

On the flip side, short term treatment cannot be used in the correction of all cases of misalignment. Your dentist will have to assess your case to determine if you are suitable for the treatment. During the assessment, your dentist will discuss all the available options and which option is best for your orthodontic problem.

You can always contact Inspire Dental Centre to book for a consultation in Cannock where one of our experienced dentists will assess your eligibility for a short term orthodontic treatment.

Using Six Months Smiles Clear braces for adults

Six Month Smiles clear braces is a unique system of braces that gently straightens the teeth in just six months, giving you a perfect smile in no time.

For adults who have had misalignments all their lives, they have become used to covering their mouths when they smile, eat or talk because of how their teeth look. Some people also fear that the treatment procedure would be invasive and expensive.

The Six Month Smiles clear braces are an effective, safe, and affordable treatment option for adults. As an adult with teeth misalignment, Six Month Smile clear braces helps you avoid all the problems common with using traditional metal braces to straighten your teeth, and it will also fit into our lifestyle.

If you are within Burntwood and Cannock, getting a Six Month Smiles clear braces is easy. Inspire Dental Centre is available in these areas, and we will guide you through the process of getting your short term orthodontic treatment.

Simply contact us on 01543 274039 to get started on your treatment today. You can also call us if you have any questions about short term orthodontic treatment and our dentist will be available to attend to you.

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