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Do you have a large tooth cavity? Are your teeth injured or decayed? We at Inspire Dental can help you out. On our team of dental care providers are professionals from cosmetic dentistry that can provide a long-lasting solution to teeth problems.

We use dental crowns as part of tooth restoration to treat deteriorated teeth because they have a very good appearance and can last for a long time.

But what are dental crowns?

A damaged tooth is made up of some sort of cover to give off a pleasant smile. To achieve this, a dental crown is used. Dental crowns are caps shaped like a tooth and used to cover up decayed teeth to enhance aesthetic appeal.

Various kinds of materials can be used to produce dental crowns, and this includes metals and porcelain. Interestingly, other durable materials have been discovered for use in making crowns, thanks to research in dentistry. A material like zirconium has so much strength and a long-lasting feature such that it eliminates the need for a metal substructure for dental crowns.

With zirconium, crowns are perfectly made to produce the desired results for patients. It has an aesthetic appeal and a solid structure.

Why choose dental crowns: how do they work?

Succinctly put, a dental crown acts as a cover for damaged teeth. But it goes beyond that to provide cover for dental implants that improve the smile and builds confidence. The beauty of using dental crowns is that they restore the lost shape, size, and strength of damaged teeth. Above all, crowns are ideal for a better teeth appearance, especially when you smile.

Teeth that are damaged loses its colour and texture, but crowns can be produced in such a way that they look like your natural teeth, particularly porcelain crowns.

For the back teeth which are stronger, tougher materials are used to make dental crowns. Some of them include:

  • Ceramic
  • Metal alloys
  • Acrylic
  • Gold

In some cases, the porcelain-metal shell crown can be used due to its beautiful and long-lasting features.

What are the applications of dental crowns?

  • To help protect the teeth from breaking
  • Crowns restore broken tooth
  • They are used in root canal therapy
  • Crowns help to correct poor looking teeth by improving their appearance
  • Serious tooth surface loss can be corrected with crowns
  • Existing crowns that are bad can be corrected with crowns

Types of dental crowns

Porcelain bonded crowns

This type of crowns has two layers; an upper porcelain layer and a lower metal layer. Porcelain crowns are used basically for the back and front teeth. A thumbs down to this crown type is that with time, a metal-porcelain crown may start to show a dark shadow on the margin very close to the gum

All-ceramic crown

They are used for the front teeth, which is exposed in a smile. There is no grey metal inside this crown. In the event that the gum recedes with time, there will be no visible grey metal margin. For your ceramic crown in West Midlands, you can visit us at Inspire Dental Clinic.

Metal ceramic crown

They have porcelain on the outside glued to a metal core on the inside. This type of crown finds use at the back teeth, but the porcelain layer may break off easily than other crowns

Gold crowns

For patients that require a back teeth treatment that is excellent in strength, gold crowns are the best bet. They are very strong and do not need so much tooth reduction during application

Fixing a dental crown

The procedure for fitting a crown is quite straightforward. Your damaged tooth or teeth is first removed in preparation for filling. Impressions of your teeth are then taken and sent to the laboratory for the production of custom-made crowns that will perfectly fit your teeth. In the meantime, the removed tooth will be replaced with a temporary filling.

The procedure doesn’t take just a visit, so at your follow-up visit, the dentist will proceed to replace the initial filling with the already produced crown. This more permanent crown is glued to your tooth with resin cement. Your dentist will make any adjustment that is necessary to ensure that you’re comfortable when biting or chewing. With time you’ll get used to the crown in your mouth, and the proper function of your teeth will be restored.

How much is a dental crown?

Depending on the type of crown and material used, the price of crowns varies slightly. From £450, you can get the porcelain bonded crowns. The all-ceramic crown can be purchased at a starting price of £500, while the full gold crown is offered for sale at a starting price of £400.

Contact our team for any of these dental crowns. We’ll diagnose your teeth condition and check if you are eligible for dental crowns.

Choosing a dental crown

Choosing crowns may not be easy for you, which is why we have very knowledgeable dentists that can test and advise you on which type of dental crowns you should use.

Are you in need of dental crowns?

Do contact our team at Inspire Dental clinic if you need dental crowns in West Midlands. Our practice offers an excellent restorative treatment with well-selected crowns that are suitable for each individual’s condition.

To make your visit stress-free and worth the while, our clinic is located in a conducive environment brought alive by a friendly dental support staff that will make you feel welcome.

With our comfortable chairs neatly arranged in a serene waiting area, you will feel relaxed while waiting to be attended to. We have highly trained and experienced dentists that will help you get comfortable throughout your treatment, especially if it is an invasive form of treatment.

For more information on tooth restoration using dental crowns, feel free to visit us anytime. We offer routine checkups for patients with symptoms of damaged teeth. You can even schedule an appointment with any of our professional cosmetic dentists.

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