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At Inspire Dental, we have an endodontic specialist that offers private root canal services to treat even the most severe teeth problems at low cost. You can contact us for an appointment.

Bacteria live in the mouth, and when these bacteria exceed a certain level, they cause an infection. This infection may affect the inner part of the teeth, therebyleading to tooth decay and cavity. The root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy is a procedure that is used to treat tooth decay. It can also be used to fill a problematic tooth that resulted from trauma or other damages.

When the root canal is infected, the teeth will become very sensitive and painful. This can hinder the regular eating and drinking process. If root canal infection is not treated early and adequately, it can cause the mouth to swell, and the infected area to be abscessed and filled with pus.

Since the pain from root canal infection can be so intense to the point where it affects one’s daily activities, we offer emergency advance treatment for a root canal. This treatment will ease your pain and cure the infection without you having to wait for too long. Our private dental clinic offers this and more. Book an initial appointment with our specialist today.

The Pros of Root Canal Treatment

The root canal treatment has thefollowing advantages:

  • The root canal treatment can prevent the infection from affecting the teeth around the infected area.
  • It is a sure way of bringing relief to a patient suffering from the most painful and complicated dental issue.
  • This treatment prevents the abscess of the affected tooth from coming down. The abscess will not go past the tip of the infected tooth.
  • The top canal treatment does not affect the sensation and biting power of the teeth. Only a few days are needed for the impacted tooth to be healed and used for theregular chewing.
  • With this treatment, you will save your teeth and continue to enjoy your regular diet.
  • This treatment is a sure way to prevent tooth loss through infection. It can save you the dreaded andcostlytooth replacement procedures (dental implants and crowns) by treating your natural tooth.

The Procedure of Root Canal Treatment

Many people dread the idea of having a root canal because they believe it isextremely painful. The truth is, if a skilled endodontic specialist like ours does your root canal, you will feel very little pain. It should not be more than a bit of pressure. The feeling is usually not different from that of filling.

Before this procedure begins, the specialist will give you a local anaesthetic for the numbness of the affected area. When the anaesthetic becomes effective, he will use a dental drill to remove the unhealthy part of the affected tooth. This process will clear out the bony part of the tooth, the enamel, pulp and root canal (which is in the centre of the tooth).This is the part that contains the nerve tissues and blood vessels.

When the centre of the tooth has been successfully evacuated, the dentist will then replace it with a substance specially formulated. After this replacement, the outer part of the teeth (crown and enamel) will be reconstructed with dental onlay(based on how much of them were removed) so that you can have a better surface to chew.

For some cases, the dentist will have to provide a temporary crown for the patient on the day the root canal procedure is done. After a fewweeks, the patient will come back for the permanent crown to be installed.

The Aftercare

When the root canal procedure is over, the patient will have to avoid biting on sticky and hard substances with their new onlay or temporary crown. Also, increased sensitivity will be observed when patients eat cold or hot foods. After a few days, this will reduce.

After the root canal treatment, it is vital to maintain good dental hygiene. This will help preserve your healing tooth and other teeth from decay and cavity caused by bacteria. Ensure you brush and floss the usual way twice daily. If you have difficulties brushing and flossing the affected tooth, talk to your dentist or hygienist.

Do not forget that the root canal procedure kills the infected tooth. But if you maintain good hygiene, the tooth will be in good condition for many years.

The cost of getting a private root canal treatment

Root canal treatment (incisor)£200 and above
Root canal treatment (premolar)£325 and above
Root canal treatment (molar)£525 and above

Get your root canal treatment from the inspired dentist

The Inspire Dental Centre is the best choice to make for any dental consultation and treatment. Are you experiencing symptoms of a root canal infection, or do you need to meet with a dentist for other issues? Contact us now, and we will provide a solution for your dental needs.

As one of the oldest dental practitioners in Burntwood, our dental team and staff, in general, have created a comfortable environment for our parents to come in and have their uncomfortable situations changed.

Our clinic is always open, and our dental helpline is still available for you to call in for enquiries and appointments. You can reach us on 01543 671877.

Frequently asked questions on root canal treatment

Q: Is root canal treatment right for me?

A: Your dentist may recommend a root canal for you if you have crazy pain in your tooth. The procedure will not cause you pain; it will only help you feel relief for the one you have. So, if your tooth has been infected by bacteria and your dentist says “you will need to undergo a root canal procedure”, it means that the procedure is way out for you. Your dentist will not suggest the treatment if it is not suitable for you. If you have other concerns, contact us or discuss it with your dentist.

Q: What level of pain should I expect?

A: The root canal procedure will be used to treat your infected pulp and provide protection to the other parts of the tooth. A local anaesthetic is used for this procedure, so there should be little or no pain.

Q: How long will my root canal treatment be fruitful?

A: The duration your root canal treatment will last is dependent on the general state of your dental health. You will need healthy bones and gums to keep the treated tooth going. So, to have this treatment last for you, ensure you keep up with your appointments and have the dentist check the general state of your mouth. The therapy can offer protection for as long as the other teeth and gum remain healthy.

Q: How will I clean my mouth after the root canal procedure?

A: After the procedure, you will have to brush gently; whenyou arewholly healed, you can now clean as usual,but you may have to avoid flossing till a few days later. If you feel inconveniences for weeks after the procedure, contact your dentist.

Q: How will eating be after the root canal procedure?

A: When the procedure is over, you will need to wait until the numbness wears out before you eat. Also, you will need to avoid biting your tongue with the affected teeth. To prevent harming the affected tooth the more, you will have to abstain from eating or chewing with it until the dentist tells you it is healed.

The affected area will be numb for about 2 to 3 hours. It may take about half a month for the tenderness and soreness to be ultimately settled. Till then, your doctor will decide the guidance care line you will follow to you, i.e. if you need filling or crown.

Q: Will the root canal procedure interfere with my work?

A: No. The numbness will wear off after 2 – 3 hours. After that, you will be able to get back to work. Just ensure you do not eat anything till the numbness is over.

Q: How many appointments do I need for a complete root canal treatment?

A: Generally, a root canal procedure requires only three visits. However, yours may be different depending on the nature of your infection (if it will take a long time to be detected) and your canal framework, bent roots and channels. The front teeth have only one canal and the back teeth, a few. So, your dentist will tell you the number of visits you need.

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