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If you have broken, chipped or damaged teeth, it could affect you in many ways. You could lose your self-confidence and always feel down because of the appearance of your teeth. One way to fix a broken chipped or discoloured teeth is by using veneers. You can get veneers to fix your damaged teeth in Burntwood at Inspire Dental Centre.

Veneers are custom-made ceramic facings that can be bonded to the front of a discoloured, cracked, broke, poorly shaped or positioned tooth to make it look better. You could either use a porcelain or composite veneers.

There are different types of veneers available in London, and we offer most of them at Inspire Dental Centre. However, we prefer to use Emax veneer, which is an advanced type of porcelain veneer. Our ceramists at Inspire Dental centre create veneers with durable and aesthetic material to provide your teeth with an excellent finishing that replaces the damaged natural tooth tissue.

With the recent advances in ceramic technology and resin bonding systems, there are new methods of using composite and porcelain veneers to design a new smile. The preparations for getting veneers varies between patients. However, the differences are usually minimal to give you the perfect smile you deserve. You can also get a tooth reduction of about 0.5mm – 1mm before bonding your veneer to help improve your appearance and the efficacy of the treatment.

Porcelain Veneers

There are different types of porcelain veneers, but we preferthe Emax veneer which is made from Ivoclar Vivadent patented Lithium Disilicate. This material is one of the strongest and most aesthetic, plus it is easy to use. Emax porcelain veneers are custom made and are bonded to the teeth to improve their strength and aesthetic. They also help to enhance the function of the teeth.

The nature of Emax veneers makes it possible for them to be made into very thin layers which helps eliminate the need for drilling the teeth first before bonding. This is one of the advantages of this type of veneer. Emax is directly bonded to the enamel, so this enhances the bond between the veneer and the inner part of damaged natural tooth known as dentine.

Composite veneers

Composite veneers are also known as direct veneers. They are used to improve the appearance of damaged teeth or fix misaligned teeth. Composite veneers are made out of composite material by a dentist during the procedure so you can get a composite veneer in just one appointment, unlike porcelain veneers that are made in the dental laboratory and require about two or three appointments to get them fitted.

Composite Veneers are a more cost-effective option to fix and improve the appearance of the teeth, but they may not be as aesthetic and natural-looking as their porcelain counterparts

Procedure for getting dental veneers

Several steps are involved in getting dental veneers. At Inspire Dental Centre, our dental veneer specialist will have an initial consultation, assessment of your teeth and treatment planning with you. During your consultation, we would discuss the options available for your treatment to help you choose between the composite and porcelain veneer. We would take pictures of your teeth before we begin your treatment. The next step would be to take the impressions of your teeth which would be used by the ceramist to make diagnostic wax of your porcelain or composite veneer. This would also help you see and approve the outcome of your treatment.

During your second visit, we would prepare the teeth that the veneer would be bonded on. An impression of your teeth will be taken, which will be sent to the ceramist alongside your smile design and custom preparation. You would be provided with temporary veneers while you await the final composite or porcelain veneer.

During your third visit, our dentist will remove the temporary veneer and carefully try in the custom-made one. You would be shown your look at the trial stage, if the look suits you, our dentist will bond the composite or porcelain veneer to your teeth.


It would take a couple of days for you to get used to your new teeth. You would have an appointment with our dentist a few weeks after the veneer is bonded to your teeth to check your healing process and oral health. After getting veneers, it is necessary to maintain good oral hygiene. Our dentist would show you the right methods to employ to ensure your optimal oral health.

It is important to take care of your bonded teeth because they could fracture or de-bond, which may require further work to be done to repair the damage, although, this rarely happens. 

Contact Inspire Dental Centre today on 01543 671877 to get your dental veneer in Burntwood. If you suffer from dental anxiety, we could offer you conscious IV sedation to help you relax during your treatment.

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