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Tooth Extractions in Cannock

Certain problems with the teeth may call for removal. For instance, if your teeth is infected, broken, or decayed, you may experience mild to severe pain in the mouth and face. Should this pain persist, you might need to extract that tooth. In other cases, healthy wisdom teeth may develop some complications and demand removal.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends that dentists do their best to preserve existing teeth structure. But your teeth can be extracted when:

  • Tooth decay has extensively damaged the tooth and cavity
  • A broken tooth cannot be restored
  • Dental implants with artificial teeth replacement, crowns, bridges, or dentures are healthier
  • An impacted wisdom tooth is not healthy
  • There's gum disease present with symptoms of oral disease like periodontitis and caries

Fast dental care and extractions

Tooth extraction is part of emergency dental service. Dentists handle it now and then as they strive to provide a 24-hour emergency service. But dentists try to keep natural oral structures with dental treatments like root canal treatment. This procedure removes the infection from the tooth roots and restores infected teeth.

Where the infection thrives, and tooth restoration isn't helping, the next option may be dental extraction. It helps to get rid of future infection that might cause bone loss later on.

Treatment options for tooth extraction

There is a plethora of treatment for people whose teeth were extracted because of sickness and needs to be replaced. They are:

  • Cosmetic dentistry combination of treatment
  • Orthodontic care to improve chewing
  • Temporary, partial, or full dentures of either acrylic or flexible dentures
  • Bridge bonded to dental crowns on one or either sides of the missing tooth
  • Dental implants to replace missing tooth roots and firmly secure either bridges, dentures, or crowns

You can choose not to replace a missing tooth. But it is not recommended as it can cause bone or dental structures shrinkage, affect chewing, and teeth appearance.

Some patients may choose to combine dentistry and cosmetic dentistry treatment to replace missing teeth.

What's available for tooth extraction?

There are several dental treatments on ground to cater for the growing needs of patients both old and young. We employ high-end dental cosmetic treatments which assures improved performance and efficiency.

For tooth extraction in Burntwood, we have 3D technology that shows you the condition of your teeth before and after treatment. With this, we can carry out correctly teeth restoration, implants, and surgery. Should you need a painless, precise, and quick tooth extraction, we've got non-traumatic physics forceps which allows for fast recovery and less complication in the process.

Where to get tooth extraction

We at Inspire Dental Centre provide the best tooth extraction procedures at our practice. Our dentists are highly experienced and trained to perform tooth extraction with less pain and increased comfort.

So, if you are considering tooth extraction due to teeth infection, gum disease and such like, we will do a diagnostic check before choosing a treatment plan that suits your need. Do ensure you call us today for tooth extraction in Cannock.

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