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Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions Burntwood

Tooth extraction is not always the first option in fixing teeth problems, and dentists try to preserve the existing teeth structure, but some teeth problems can only be handled by extracting the affected tooth. A tooth may be extracted in the following situations

  • There is tooth decay that has caused extensive damage to the tooth and cavity
  • A tooth is broken and cannot be restored
  • There is an infection in the gum which presents signs of oral diseases such as periodontitis and tooth decay
  • The wisdom tooth is unhealthy
  • Using dental implants with artificial teeth replacement, crowns, bridges or denture would be healthier
  • The patient chooses and agrees to this treatment option

In cases where the teeth are decayed, infected or broken, and the patient suffers mild to severe pains in the mouth and face, tooth extraction may be necessary. If a patient is also having persistent headache due to a damaged tooth, it may be required to extract the affected tooth.

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Urgent dental care and tooth extraction

At Inspire Dental Centre, we provide emergency dental care in Burntwood. Our emergency dental care comprises of different procedures, including tooth extraction. Usually, we try to preserve the natural structure of the teeth by offering treatments such as root canal treatment which helps to take care of infections in the root of the tooth before it leads to severe infection.

In cases where there is a reoccurrence of the infection, we offer tooth restoration and extraction to eliminate infections in the future which may lead to bone loss.

Tooth extraction and treatment options

There are different treatment options available to replace an extracted tooth. These treatment options include:

  • A combination of cosmetic dentistry
  • Dental implants which can secure a crown, bridge or denture in place
  • Bridges anchored to dental crowns on one side of the missing tooth
  • Orthodontic care which improves the bite function
  • Temporary, partial or full dentures (flexible or acrylic)

Leaving the gap created by an extracted tooth is an option, but it is not advisable because it can cause the bone and dental structure to shrink. This shrinkage can affect appearance and bite function. You can choose to have dentistry and cosmetic treatment at Inspire Dental Centre when your tooth is extracted.

Clinical provision for tooth extraction

You can get a wide range of dental treatments at Inspire Dental Centre when we extract your tooth. We use a combination of the latest technology and equipment for our dental and cosmetic treatments to ensure that the result of your treatment is aesthetic and improves your oral function.

We also provide our patients with 3D images of the before and after effect of the treatment. This is done using a state-of-the-art technology which allows for precise procedures such as surgery, fitting implants and restorations. We use non-traumatic physics forceps to carry out tooth extractions. This ensures that the process has minimal risk of developing complications, pain-free, fast, accurate, and short recovery time.

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