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Short Term Orthodontics

Short Term Orthodontics Burntwood

A lot of people have been discouraged from undergoing orthodontic treatments because of the duration and social effect of wearing metal braces. Are you one of them? Do not worry. We have the short term orthodontics, which will help you escape the 18 months treatment of regular orthodontic treatment. This short term orthodontics will help you correct minor misalignment problems, and guess what? It only takes six months!

This short term orthodontics we also call Six Month Smilesis excellent and uses clear brackets with nearly invisible wire. It also uses clear plastic retainers. The choice of brackets or retainers are primarily dependent on the individual’s case and are used to pull the misaligned teeth into the targeted position gently. The end view of this is straight teeth and a perfect smile within the shortest possible time.

Since these brackets and retainers are clear and almost invisible, they fit perfectly for adults who just want to get through with the treatment without receiving sympathy at their workplace. It is an excellent means to correct mild overcrowding, and it also works well for those whose teeth went back to their previous position after being altered by orthodontic treatment. The best part of this treatment is the fact that most of its cases are corrected within six months. This, you know, is one-third of the time taken to complete the regular orthodontic treatment.

However, not everyone is eligible to use this method of treatment. This is why we take our time to screen patients before deciding ifthe procedure is suitable for them. We also discuss withthem the treatment options that can help their condition.

Contact us and let us check if you are eligible. If you are not, we will offer you other discreet and suitable options. Call us now! Dial 01543 671877.

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Get straight teeth as an adult in less than six months with our Six Months Smiles® braces

Six Months Smiles is the unique braces system that willgently adjust your teeth and change your smile for the best in just six months.

Millions of adults out thereare too conscious of smiling broadly inhappy moments. This they say is because of misaligned teeth. They kill the fun of the moment by covering their mouth and becoming embarrassed whenever they fail to. Are you not tired of being ashamed of them? Every significant moment must be celebrated.

There should be no more fear for the duration to which you will wear the metal braces in your mouth. We have the short term orthodontics, and even if they are not suitable for you, we will offer you another appropriate and almost invisible option. We value you, and we want to help you achieve that smile you have always craved.

Contact Inspire Dental Centre and let us get started. You can also call ourBurntwood office on 01543 671877, and you will have a friendly voice waiting at the other end to take your enquiries and book your appointment.

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