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Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign Treatment Burntwood

Get your teeth straightened with almost invisible braces

Invisalign, a product of modern orthodontics is here to help you achieve a more beautiful smile by straightening your teeth the discreet way. Are you in Burntwood or anywhere else? Inspire Dental Centre is the one-stop clinic for your straight teeth. We will customise your shape of teeth by straightening them the way that suits your face. We are one of the top dental providers in Burntwood, and we are proud of that. You should visit us.

Invisalign: what is it?

Invisalign is an excellent system for straightening your smile. Back in the days, the only way to getting straighter teeth was through wires and fixed brackets; but now, Invisalign has provided a system where you can use removable plastic aligners and achieve the same result. In addition to that, the bright and almost invisible nature of Invisalign gives discretion. So, it is easy for anyone to go through the treatment without the entire world, knowing what they are doing.

How do they make the Invisalign braces?

The makers of the Invisalign clear alignersproduce these trays with a thermoplastic material. These clear braces are in close resemblance to teeth whitening trays. For this treatment, each patient gets customised set of trays which will be used in sequence to pull the teeth into the target position.

How does Invisalign function?

The Invisalign treatment uses many braces, and each set of braces will be worn for at least two weeks before moving to the next. This will allow the teeth to be moved in progressions and we at the clinic will keep a close eye to ensure the treatment is going as planned.

For maximum impact and result, you will need to wear your Invisalign aligners for 20 to 22 hours everyday. These braces are removable, so you can take them off when you want to drink, eat, brush, or floss.

The Invisalign treatment is a sure and confidential way of getting straighter teeth and a more attractive smile.

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What conditions can Invisalign treat?

Invisalign is designed to help treat about 90% of orthodontic problems which include:

  • Gapped teeth: this may be as a result of insufficient teeth onthe jawbone, thereby allowing the teeth to move into the spaces. It can also be caused by theabnormal growth of the jawbone. Gapped teeth are one of the causes of periodontal problems and gum disease.
  • Crossbite: this usually occurs when the upper and lower jaws are not properly aligned. It can lead to teeth degradation, loss of bone and periodontal disease.
  • Overbite: This is a condition that is caused by the upper jaw popping over the lower jaw. This can cause the teeth in the lower jaw to wear out. It can also lead to gum and joint problem.
  • Underbite:This occurs when there are growth anomalies on the upper jaw, or there are no adequate teeth there. This condition hinders the functioning of the upper front teeth and can lead to intense jaw pain.
  • Open bite: an open bite describes a condition where the upper and lower jaw not to meet the right way. This can be caused by genetic factors. Other than this, it can also be linked to thumb sucking.
  • Crowded teeth: crowded teeth tend to become very crooked if not treated. This will make it very difficult to clean and can lead to the formation of plaques, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Since many studies and researches are on on-going, Invisalign is now becoming better. Our dentists have now discovered an easy way to treat malocclusion problems. If you have more severe problems that cannot be handled by Invisalign, we will recommend you to use either the clear, fixed, or lingual braces.

If your case is less severe, we will recommend the Invisalign Lite or i7 for you. They work just like the Invisalign, but they have fewer aligners to treat less severe cases.

Invisalign braces: their advantages

Invisalign and the traditional braces can both be used to straighten the teeth. However, the Invisalign braces have the following advantages over the conventional braces:

  • They offer discreet treatment: with Invisalign braces, it is difficult for a person to know you are wearing anything. This is because they are made of clear and transparent materials, and they blend perfectly with the natural teeth.
  • They can be easily removed: this is one of the reasons Invisalign is much loved. You can take it out to eat and drink your favourite, and you do not need to wear it for those big meetings where you need to keep up theright image.
  • They are comfortable:since Invisalign are made from quality and smooth textured plastic, they do not have much effect on the cheeks, gums and lips as the traditional metal braces do.
  • There are visible results in a few weeks: for the traditional braces, you will have to wait for months to see results, but with Invisalign, you can notice the changes in lesscomplicated cases within a few weeks.

What is the cost of Invisalign braces?

The cost ofInvisalign braces depends on the work involved in the treatment. Contact our Invisalign provider, and you will be told about the requirements. You may receive discounts.

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Special Invisalign offer at Inspire Dental Centre

Contact us now for the assessment and treatment of teeth misalignment, and you may receive a discount of up to £500. Call us now to book an appointment. 

Frequently asked questions on invisible braces

Q: How invisible are the Invisalign aligners?

A: Invisalign braces are very transparent, letting the colour of your natural teeth to show through. This will make it very difficult for anyone to know you are wearing braces except you tell them.

Q: Will Invisalign affect my speech?

A: At first, you may have so little challenges in pronouncing a few words, but within a short time, you’ll figure out how to get past it.

Q: Are the Invisalign aligners comfortable to wear?

A: Invisalignis made from transparent polycrystalline alumina; an explicit and smooth material designed by NASA. These braces do not use wires,so there is nothing to disturb you.

Q: What are the attachments for Invisalign?

A: Invisalignis attached to your teeth with clear tooth-coloured buttons. These buttons pull the teeth into the desired position.

Q: How often should I wear the aligners?

A: To have theexpected result, you need to wear your aligners for 20 - 22 hours each day. In case you want to eat, drink, brush or floss, you can take them out.

Q: Is Invisalign the right option for me?

A: Invisalign is a fantastic option for treating mild to moderate orthodontic cases. You can visit us to know if Invisalign is among one of the suitable options for you.

Q: What happens if I can’t find my Invisalign aligners?

A: Contact us immediately you notice your aligners are gone. We will examine the case and determine if you should go back to the previous set you used to stop your teeth from returning to the original position, or if you can proceed to the next stage of the treatment. Our experts have the right answer. Contact us today.

Q: Is there a need for retainers after the treatment?

A: Yes. You will need to wear either fixed or removable retainers when your treatment is over. These retainers will prevent your teeth from going back to their previous position, thereby requiring another procedure in the future. You will be handed some retainers after your treatment is over.

Q: Where can I access more information about Invisalign?

A: You can find out more about Invisalignand other orthodontic treatments by contacting us. We will take your enquiries and provide you with the answers. These enquiries are free and without obligation.

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