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Hygiene / Teeth Whitening

Hygiene / Teeth Whitening Burntwood

For your dental or oral hygiene, you can visit our dental hygienist in Burntwood.

Is it possible to bypass the dentist and go see the hygienist?

Yes, of course. We have something known as direct access. It's like a permit of some sort. With this, our hygienists can treat patients. But should there be anything in your mouth that calls for concern, you will be advised to see the dentist.

Airflow: what is it?

This is a recent dental treatment technology that carefully removes stains from the teeth by spraying the teeth with a mixture made of special powder and water. The spray touches the teeth only. Teeth stains can be caused by smoking and consumption of certain kind of drinks and foods. Airflow also takes out plaque up to 4mm into gum pockets and those areas in between the teeth that are not easily reached, to prevent gum disease. This treatment option is best for people who may not want to see the hygienist.

The spray is very gentle to gums and teeth, and once applied, it becomes effective without delay. You will notice it working in no time.

Where else can airflow be used?

For patients with implants, this technology is ideal for help in maintaining implants and has a gentle effect on them. Who wouldn't want to take care of their implants after having them fixed with good money?

If your dentures are stained, we can help you clear the stains sometimes with our Airflow technology; keeping your smile better, and teeth looking beautiful.

In what way can our hygienist help you?

Everyone likes their teeth looking good. This is exactly what our hygienist will do for you! Regular visits to our hygienist ensure that all the plaque in your teeth is removed and your teeth are left very clean.

When it comes to oral health, hygienists are also there to play a significant role. They provide treatment for people experiencing gum problems with symptoms like bad breath, sore and bleeding gums, painful and loose teeth. With our hygienist, you can get preventive and maintenance treatment that will eliminate mouth odour and improve your oral health.

Your dental hygiene is vital to your overall health and well-being. Besides, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are all associated with gum disease; proper care is of the essence. Our treatment is pain-free and very effective in keeping your mouth healthy all the time.

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What makes our services different?

  • We have oral hygiene sessions that help prevent gum disease
  • Our staff are warm, smart, and friendly
  • We aim to help keep your mouth odourless and healthy
  • Our hygienist appointments do not need a referral
  • We provide hygiene packages, regular checkups, or pampering packages for events like weddings and other special occasions
  • We are available for oral health services in Burntwood

Our hygiene services

From the following hygiene menu, you can choose any of the treatment plans you like:

Maintenance with Airflow £75

This treatment is like the regular mouth MOT to remove tartar but covers our Airflow technology to clean stains and plaque from areas of the mouth that are not easily reached in a seamless and careful way. You will be taught how to clean your teeth at home, plus other oral hygiene tips that you can easily adopt. We will also check your gum to eliminate bad breath and keep your mouth clean. These appointments are for maintenance, and patients are attended to every 3, 4, or 6 months. You too can choose when to come for a checkup.

New patient first hygiene visit £90

Here, your appointment covers assessment and treatment. We will do a diagnostic check on your gum and tell you what the problem is in a way that you'll understand. You will be taught how to brush your teeth very well, including in-between teeth care to help you avoid any gum disease and maintain healthy teeth. We'll employ our Airflow technique to take out all the plaque in your mouth, as a prerequisite to having a healthy mouth.

A second appointment is often needed to ensure that your mouth is in a healthy condition.

Advanced maintenance with Airflow £100

This treatment is for patients with serious gum problems. The appointment takes more time, and it's usually done every 2 or 3 months. It includes our Airflow treatment to take out stains and plaque from mouth areas that are not easily reached in a convenient and pain-free manner.

Another benefit of Airflow is that it disinfects the mouth and gum pockets especially for serious gum disease.

Whitening strips by Oral B £120

This works very well in making your teeth shine brighter. They can help a lot when preparing for a special day.

The treatment comes with upper and lower strips that will be used for 14 days on your teeth, and an initial appointment with the hygienist is part of it. During your appointment, your hygienist will place the first strip and explain the procedure to you, so that you can do it at home.

Zoom DayWhite - Whitening home use tray system £275

This treatment involves patients wearing their bleaching trays in the day for either 30 minutes two times a day, or an hour once a day.

Impressions of your teeth will be taken and used to produce customised trays for your teeth. We will also administer gel for 14 days. After the 14 days, we will discuss if we can continue with applying more gel to your teeth to become lighter in colour.

Post-whitening extra gels can be obtained, but by prescription for a regular application to maintain the colour of your teeth.

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Teeth whitening

Before whitening treatments, we do recommend that your teeth be thoroughly cleaned up since the whitening gel can not have the desired effect on hard deposits.

The after-effect of our treatment is very impressive. You shouldn't hesitate to contact our team of dental experts for ways on how to improve your oral hygiene if you are in Burntwood. Remember that your oral health is important.

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