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Emergency Dentist Burntwood

Dental health problems may erupt at any time of the day. It comes with pain and distress leaving you with no option than to find a solution. The sooner you get treated, the faster you can go back to your everyday activities because untreated dental problems can put your daily work on hold, especially when it happens without warning.

What is a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies are sudden oral malfunctions that put the mouth and teeth in pain. They can take place at odd hours, depriving you of comfort and health; something that everyone craves for.

We at Inspire Dental Centre fully comprehend the discomfort of falling into a bout of dental pain, which is why we have made provision to handle these cases if and when they occur. To show our commitment to this cause, we provide same-day appointments everyday and will stop at nothing to restore your dental health to normalcy.

On our team of dental care providers are professionals from every sphere of dentistry to help and support with any issue you might be experiencing.

When do you need an emergency dentist?

You need the dental emergency service if you are experiencing any of the following under-listed symptoms. Don't know where to get it? We provide same-day emergency appointment every day of the week.

  • Dental Pain - Various reasons can be responsible for dental pain: an infected nerve in the teeth; dental decay; and if the sensitive part of the tooth is exposed due to gum recession. Should you continue to experience pain, it is advised that you go for dental checkup and treatment.
  • Facial swelling - Teeth problems can cause the face, especially the cheeks to swell. Other reasons for this problem can be an infected skin cyst, or blocked salivary glands. But if there's swelling around the gum plus toothache, then the issue can be a dental issue. Facial swelling that has lasted for a while is normally a symptom of infection. Treatment with antibiotics may be needed.
  • Broken tooth - Heavily decayed teeth can easily break! If you have your teeth filled or your fillings have deteriorated, it can also cause broken teeth. Serious injury to the front teeth can affect your smile and teeth function. This issue requires an emergency dentist.

In need of an emergency dentist?

Contact our team in Burntwood to schedule a same-day dental appointment for sudden cases of oral concerns.

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How do I fix a crown that has fallen off?

Reinserting your crown requires a special dental cement and a particular technique of doing it. If your crown falls off, do well to keep it safely secured and book an appointment with us to help you refix it.

Sometimes, if part of the tooth is broken, the adjustment of the teeth becomes necessary so that the crown can be repositioned correctly.

Re-cementing might not work sometimes if the crown or tooth is broken. However, you can discuss this personally with your dentist.

How can I manage a toothache?

Having a toothache can be painful and unpleasant. Any part of your teeth can develop aches. For toothache, we recommend you contact us for help. In the meantime, if you are not allergic to painkillers, and youe medical condition allows, you can take drugs like ibuprofen and paracetamol to alleviate the pain. Do well to take the prescribed dose by reading the label.

Tooth decay, infection, or serious tooth injury can cause toothache. We usually examine the symptoms of your toothache and explain the different available treatment options. You will be carried along as we make decisions concerning your treatment.

What should I do if I have swelling?

Infection is normally characterised by swelling. At Inspire Dental Centre, we will subject the swelling to an intensive diagnostic test to identify the root cause. Sometimes, there might be an abscess present which requires draining. Antibiotics can also be taken to help the process. However, the most important thing in the event of swelling is to know the cause and treat it right away.

What should I do if I have a broken denture?

It is very simple for our dental experts to check out and fix your broken denture. We recommend that you seek professional help for your denture as attempting to fix and repair them yourself can make things complicated.

What should I do if my tooth is knocked out?

It is highly important to immediately replace a knocked-out tooth into its socket as quickly as possible. To do this, all dirt and debris must be taken out. It is also apt not to touch the root to protect the root surface. You can even put the broken tooth in cold milk and seek immediate dental care.

Should your tooth be slightly displaced, it is very crucial to put it back in its correct position since it can alter the normal way of biting. Based on this, we advise that you allow a dentist to do it for you.

I have a fractured tooth, what should I do?

The extent to which a tooth fractures can go from a small chip to a severe fracture from the base. Regardless of how fractured or chipped the tooth is, we recommend that you get dental help as quickly as you can to get expert attention. An X-ray may be needed to confirm a tooth fracture since it may not be very visible.

If the crack is a minor one, it can be easily fixed that same day at our clinic. We do advise that you visit a dentist if you develop tooth sensitivity (your teeth becomes sensitive to hot and cold things); this implies that the nerve is infected. Meanwhile, avoid eating anything until the condition has been professionally diagnosed as doing so might make the matter worse.

Like to speak with an expert?

At Inspire Dental Centre, we have experts you can talk to about your symptoms. If you need to schedule an appointment, contact our team, and we will arrange for you to see any of our professional dentists.

Need an emergency dentist?

We provide dental emergency services in Burntwood that covers general and specialist dentistry. Our team of dental care providers are highly trained and certified. We have a staff support team that are friendly plus we provide same-day appointment and of course emergency dental services.

Best dental care

Our practice is aimed at providing a patient-centred treatment that pays attention to the dental needs of patients so that there are optimum results. Do well to schedule an appointment with us today if you need advise or care as regards dental concerns in Burntwood.

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