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Dentures Burntwood

Losing one or more teeth can be painful and traumatic; whether you are young or old, the effect is the same. Most times, it affects your self-confidence and ability to socialise properly. Smiling also becomes embarrassing because your teeth do not look presentable.

Wearing false teeth is a great way to fix one or more missing teeth and avoid the health problems associated with them. This treatment option is a common one and has been used for a long time, but with the advances in technology and dental practices, a more aesthetic, functional, and comfortable option such as dentures is now available.

You can get dentures in Burntwood at Inspire Dental Centre. Our dentists are conversant with fitting dentures and would do an excellent job for you.

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What are dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic dental appliances made to replace missing teeth. Dentures are attached to a supporting structure in the mouth, unlike bridges and implants which are permanently attached to the bone. This feature makes it easy to remove, clean, and maintain. There are affordable ones which are made from conventional plastic materials and the expensive ones which are of porcelain.

Types of dentures

We have several types of dentures available at our clinic, they include

  • Complete or full dentures

This type is suitable for patients who have lost all their teeth on one or both arches. Getting used to complete dentures usually takes a while depending on several factors such as the oral cavity, saliva, bone, and tongue.

  • Removable or partial dentures

This denture type is used when only a few of the teeth are missing. They are attached to the natural teeth using metal attachments. They help maintain tooth alignment by preventing other natural teeth from shifting out of their position. Partial dentures are also used to prevent further tooth loss and other periodontal diseases. Partial dentures are of different kinds: cast metal, flippers, valplastto, flexible framework, amongst others.

  • Immediate dentures

This type of denture is placed during the same appointment for tooth extraction; then necessary adjustments will be made once the denture has completely healed.

Advantages of dentures

  • Dentures are aesthetic and comfortable
  • Wearing dentures helps retain the shape of the jaw and bone, which would not be possible with the loss of the teeth. Tooth loss can change one's appearance and make you look older than your age
  • Dentures help in straightening the facial muscles that control expressions, proper articulation and chewing
  • Dentures help to prevent other teeth from shifting into the position of a lost tooth, which could lead to misalignment.
  • Dentures prevent loss of the jaw bone density caused by a deficiency in the supply of vital nutrients to some parts of the mouth

Getting dentures at Inspire Dental Centre

Our primary aim at Inspire Dental Centre is to ensure that your oral health and smile are at their best. We have a team of prosthodontists and cosmetic dentists with several years of experience in fitting dentures.

With the standards of good dental practices, we first carry out a thorough assessment of the patient's dental condition before we commence the procedure of fitting the dentures. We use the latest materials and techniques to ensure that the procedure is pain-free and create customised dentures for each patient.

Do not hesitate to contact Inspire Dental Centre if you need dentures in Burntwood. Call us now on 01543 671877 to book an appointment.

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