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Dental Bridges Burntwood

Dental bridges are made of false teeth that help replace one or more missing teeth. The false tooth is called a pontic. It is usually fitted in between two crowns serving as an anchor by attaching the teeth on both sides of the false teeth. Dental implants or natural teeth can serve as support for dental bridges.

If you have one or more missing teeth, you should consider using dental bridges because they can last for a couple of years if properly taken care of and they help the teeth function properly. You can get dental bridges at Inspire Dental Centre. Our dentists in Burntwood are skilled and experienced in providing advanced dental techniques which are needed in fitting dental bridges.

Types of dental bridges

There are about 4 types of dental bridges. They include:

  • Traditional fixed dental bridges

For traditional fixed dental bridges to be fitted, the false tooth will be fused between two porcelain crowns to fill the gap created by a missing tooth. Two crowns will hold the bridge in place by attaching it to both sides of the false tooth. A traditional fixed dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth.

  • Cantilever dental bridge

This dental bridge is commonly used to fill gaps created when a tooth is missing in areas of the mouth that are under less pressure like the front teeth. It is used when the false tooth is supported on one side. It can only be used when a few teeth are missing.

  • Resin-bonded dental bridges

It is mostly used to replace missing front teeth. Using resin-bonded dental bridges requires minimal preparation before fitting the bridge. The false tooth will be fused to a ceramic or metal wing which will be bonded to the abutment of the teeth with resin. The metal wings are virtually invisible, making the porcelain to look like the natural tooth.

  • Implant-supported dental bridge

Implants are also used to replace one or more missing teeth. The implant is placed inside the jawbone where the missing tooth was. When the implant fuses with the bone, a crown will be fitted on it, but if more than one tooth is missing, the implant will be supported by a bridge. If there are no teeth on one or both jaws, an implant can be placed, and it will be supported by a dental bridge.

Procedure for dental bridges

At Inspire Dental Centre in Burntwood, we carry out the following procedure in fitting dental bridges.

  • Our dentist will thoroughly evaluate the tooth/teeth surrounding the affected area and carry out an x-ray to ensure the tooth/teeth are healthy.
  • The dentist will prepare the adjacent tooth and take digital scans of it. You may be provided with a temporary restoration.
  • Our dentist may use an iTero handheld wand to take a digital and 3D image of your teeth. This sometimes eliminates the need for taking an impression, which makes some patients feel suppressed. The digital image will be sent to the laboratory to be used in the construction of the bridge.
  • Our dentist will then fit the final bridge by your second appointment

Cost of dental bridges

To get a three-unit bridge, you would have to pay £450.00 for each unit.

Caring for your dental bridge

You need to practice the following to ensure that your bridges last for a long time and remain clean while you have them on.

  • Brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste to keep your mouth clean and healthy
  • Eat balanced diets high in vegetable and fruit fibres
  • Floss at least once daily to remove small food particles that may get stuck in between your teeth
  • Ensure that you see your dentist once in every 6 months for your routine dental check and mouth cleaning

If you have one or more missing teeth, call Inspire Dental Centre in Burntwood on 01543 671877 to book an appointment to fit your dental bridges.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: How long will my dental bridges last?

A: Dental bridges can last for 5 – 7 years depending on how well you maintain them. Good dental habits such as cleaning the mouth regularly and seeing the dentist can help your dental bridge last for as long as 10 years.

Q: Will it be difficult to eat with my dental bridge?

A: It would not be difficult to eat with dental bridges. Dental bridges are sealed to the supported teeth and connected to the crown so you can bite, chew, sip, and swallow normally.

Q: What is the duration to get a dental bridge?

A: To get a dental bridge, you would need 2 dental visits which are one or two weeks apart.

Q: Can I opt for dental bridges to replace my missing teeth?

A: Sometimes, the surrounding teeth may not be able to support the bridge so your dentist may suggest other options to fill up the space created by your missing teeth.

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